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The Bourne Stud Angoras


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Grooming Angoras

Babies intended for exhibition will require daily grooming from about 6 weeks old onwards. Rabbits for exhibition should have a British Rabbit Council (Address supplied at back) ring size B slipped on to a hind leg at between 6-8 weeks depending on growth rate. This is most important as un-rung rabbits cannot be shown.

A brush should be used sparingly on a show-coated angora. Instead blow the coat apart by using the blowing attachment of a vacuum cleaner or a powerful hairdressers; hair drier, ordinary hairdryers usually lack the power to produce a forceful jet of air necessary to part the hair and minor tangles.

At first allow a few minutes daily for grooming but increasing time will be needed as the coat lengthens, and all along the emphasis is on blowing not brushing, any slight knots that form in the coat must be teased apart gently with the fingers and then blown.

The rabbits underneath and feet can be groomed by holding the rabbit firmly by the ears and with the other hand supporting the hind quarters, turn the rabbit upside down onto your lap so that the hind legs are against your stomach and the ears held firmly between your knees.

After a while the rabbit will learn to lie quietly while you groom it underneath but at first they may struggle a bit so be careful not to damage it or its coat.

If baby angoras are to be kept for woolling, the babies can be kept together until the first clipping which is carried out at about 10-12 weeks, when the bucks are separated, but the does may remain together for a few weeks longer before being placed in individual hutches.

The angora coat grows about 1" per month approximately, and one rabbit may yield around 10 oz of 1st grade wool annually.